— Nix Build as a Service is a service for highly scalable, pay-per-use, distributed Nix builds. The service is currently in closed beta.

With an account on, a Nix user can run remote builds without caring about setting up and maintaining build servers. The infrastructure takes care of allocating resources and scaling up as needed. The end user can run any number of Nix builds in parallel, without ever having to worry about builds competing for resources or slowing down with increased load.

Setting up your system for using is very simple, and you can connect multiple client computers to the same account, allowing builds to be shared between developers and CI servers.

There's an introduction to published on the blog.

This site collects all documentation that is relevant for users. As the service is beta, this documentation is in flux and doesn't necessarily reflect how will look and work in the future. If you're a user, remember to check back here every now and then.

Updates about the service are published on the blog.

Beta Access is currently in closed beta, and you are welcome to request a free evaluation account by contacting [email protected].

Supported Platforms

For the moment, only x86_64-linux builds are supported. There are plans on supporting more platforms, but no roadmap.

Reporting Issues

Please submit issue reports, questions or any other feedback here, or simply send an email to [email protected].