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The current price model of is based solely on the CPU time (as defined below) consumed each month. The CPU time is multiplied by an hourly fee, and the resulting cost is charged once a month.

The current pricing model should be considered introductory. reserves the right to adjust the hourly CPU time fee, adjust the way CPU time is calculated or make more significant changes to the overall pricing model.

CPU Time Fee

The price of 1 CPU hour is currently 0.12 EUR, excluding VAT.

CPU Time Definition

Each time a build request is submitted, will first decide if the build will be executed or if an existing result can be served back to the user. If an existing result can be used, the CPU time is considered to be zero. If the build needs to be executed, resource selection is performed, to decide on how many CPUs and how much memory the build will be allocated. After this, will allocate the necessary resources. This might involve provisioning new backend builders if there are no available builders. Finally, the virtual sandbox that will host the build is booted on the allocated builder machine. When the sandbox is fully booted, the build time measurement is started. Then the build runs and produces a result that is stored, and after this the build time measurement is stopped. If the build fails due to any error related to the infrastructure, the measured build time is discarded and the build is retried automatically.

The measured build time is multiplied by the number of CPUs used, and then rounded up to whole seconds. The resulting number is the CPU time of the build. The minimal CPU time of any executed build is therefore 1 second.


At the end of each month, the sum of all (non-discarded) build times for the past month is rounded up to whole hours and multiplied with the hourly fee to produce the invoice amount. Therefore, if any build has been executed during the month, the minimal invoice amount will be 1 CPU hour.

Invoices can be paid through direct IBAN (SEPA or international) transfer, or with a credit card through Stripe.