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ARM Builds (Early Access)

In addition to x86_64-linux builds, also supports aarch64-linux (64 bit ARM) builds. The support for ARM builds in is a new feature that still is in development and therefore you need to request access for building aarch64-linux builds through [email protected]. During the Early Access period, ARM builds are priced and invoiced exactly the same as x86_64-linux builds. When the ARM support has been finalized and made available to everyone, the pricing and price model might look different.

Once your request for ARM builds has been granted, you can simply add an additional remote builder to your Nix configuration in the same way as you do for x86_64-linux builders: x86_64-linux - 100 1 big-parallel,benchmark aarch64-linux - 100 1 big-parallel,benchmark

The aarch64-linux support in was announced in this blog post.